Friday, 9 December 2011


ahahaaaaaa,,long time ima not being here~~~
,,,,,,,,,FYI,,,im already in new semester!!!final sem!!
wuuuhuuu,,,wawaweeee~~x sbar seyh nk abes asasi,,,,,,,!
just about my new me,,,,
,,,,ima talking too much i think~ahahaaaa,,,sampae ad org tegur ckap im talking NONSTOP!,,
errkkk,,not my mistake,,,im always like this when no earphone on me,,,LOL^^
actually,,thats not my new me,,its my original me,,,,GIRL THAT LOVES TALKING NONSENSE??
ahahahaaa,,,,but sometimes im just mention that some people look me so annoying,,,
uhmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,,,,should i be my 1st sem of me??errkkk,,,miserable!!*stop thinking!*
ahhhh~~just hope i'll get more confident n happy with myself!!!!
one thing!! lately, i just mentions that my tempered r slowly shown,,,
kyyaaa!!!andwae!!i should be more careful control my tempered,,,haiisshh,,my tempered is my biggest history,,nobody here cn know it,,,,,,,,,,,i should be more careful~~ok??ahahhaha^^
lastly!!! i just wanna be MORE lovely,,MORE lively,,MORE cute,,n MOREMOREMORE!!!
                                                                                                           love : weirdo-ssi

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