Saturday, 31 December 2011

i wanna be known!

yess,,i wanna be known by people,,why??dunno why~~
ye la,,hdop ak neh,, mcam2 karenah ak neh,,
smpae ak sndrik pom x than,,huuuu~~
as usual,,DP fb ak kn pic beloved2 oppa ak,,huuu,,
ak ta keysah pom org tataw rupa ak,,
then ble rse nk pemess cket,,ak tkarlah pic ak,,
hummm,,sumer post ak,,comment ak,,bnyak je y like,,
friend request pom bnyak je,,
im not said ima pretty,,im actually not confident wth my physical,,
but people likes it,,for me,, its horrable!!
when there r too many IM n i've got bored wth noti that said this people like n this people like my post, today i change my pic again,,of coss to my beloved oppas!!ahahhaha~
thats me,,i dont wanna be hot,,but wanna be noticed by people!!
yess! im that kind of girl!!
ahha,,,im happy now with my post,,nobody like it,,
i feel save to ost bout my oppas,,
i think this is new me,,maybe i'll change it if i want people realise ima exist~
hum3~post neh mcam ckap ak perasan jah kan,,ima not kay!huuuhu^^
its just normal things that wanted by people like me,,~
u r not??hum2~u r dissnormal than!kekekek^^
just wanna be more co0l and cheerful~
*its hard for me~sigh~~~

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