Friday, 9 December 2011

ma boy~

,,,,,the topic that i cant say a lot,,~TT TT,,*knyuknyu*
on 1st sem,,i have someone that i like,,ahahxx,,*blushing*
last week,,i bring out all my strength to say 'HI' to him on FB_IM,,
errkk,,,dye reply cm tanak reply jah,,
then,,i'll give up~~
now im back to my K-POP!!
im now realize to not give a hope for boys,,,im a failure yarl~
LOVE LOOSER?? yeah,,coz nobody seems attract with me,,
ima invisible yah,,,huuuuu,,TT TT=.='
ahhhhhh,,,never mind,,still have my HUBBY!!
*seungho,g0,junhyung,minjun,ho0n,and many more HUBBYs!*
                                          love looser : weirdo-ssi

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