Saturday, 31 December 2011

new year's resolution!!

hello 2012,,~
huuu,,ent to ICT to countdown,,
with my family*sigh,,just hope hve a bf to celebrate together,,,
hum3!!dont worry~ my love story next post,,
this post of coss lah for my resolutions!!
1- study MORE
2-patience MORE
3-diet MORE
4-saving MORE
hum3~just same as other resolution,,
ahahhaha,,but it will still same bcos,,that are most important aspects..
also wanna be more lovely~more cutiey~
huuuu,,,become more! more! n more!!
                                         love : weirdo-ssi~

i wanna be known!

yess,,i wanna be known by people,,why??dunno why~~
ye la,,hdop ak neh,, mcam2 karenah ak neh,,
smpae ak sndrik pom x than,,huuuu~~
as usual,,DP fb ak kn pic beloved2 oppa ak,,huuu,,
ak ta keysah pom org tataw rupa ak,,
then ble rse nk pemess cket,,ak tkarlah pic ak,,
hummm,,sumer post ak,,comment ak,,bnyak je y like,,
friend request pom bnyak je,,
im not said ima pretty,,im actually not confident wth my physical,,
but people likes it,,for me,, its horrable!!
when there r too many IM n i've got bored wth noti that said this people like n this people like my post, today i change my pic again,,of coss to my beloved oppas!!ahahhaha~
thats me,,i dont wanna be hot,,but wanna be noticed by people!!
yess! im that kind of girl!!
ahha,,,im happy now with my post,,nobody like it,,
i feel save to ost bout my oppas,,
i think this is new me,,maybe i'll change it if i want people realise ima exist~
hum3~post neh mcam ckap ak perasan jah kan,,ima not kay!huuuhu^^
its just normal things that wanted by people like me,,~
u r not??hum2~u r dissnormal than!kekekek^^
just wanna be more co0l and cheerful~
*its hard for me~sigh~~~

Friday, 9 December 2011

ma boy~

,,,,,the topic that i cant say a lot,,~TT TT,,*knyuknyu*
on 1st sem,,i have someone that i like,,ahahxx,,*blushing*
last week,,i bring out all my strength to say 'HI' to him on FB_IM,,
errkk,,,dye reply cm tanak reply jah,,
then,,i'll give up~~
now im back to my K-POP!!
im now realize to not give a hope for boys,,,im a failure yarl~
LOVE LOOSER?? yeah,,coz nobody seems attract with me,,
ima invisible yah,,,huuuuu,,TT TT=.='
ahhhhhh,,,never mind,,still have my HUBBY!!
*seungho,g0,junhyung,minjun,ho0n,and many more HUBBYs!*
                                          love looser : weirdo-ssi


ahahaaaaaa,,long time ima not being here~~~
,,,,,,,,,FYI,,,im already in new semester!!!final sem!!
wuuuhuuu,,,wawaweeee~~x sbar seyh nk abes asasi,,,,,,,!
just about my new me,,,,
,,,,ima talking too much i think~ahahaaaa,,,sampae ad org tegur ckap im talking NONSTOP!,,
errkkk,,not my mistake,,,im always like this when no earphone on me,,,LOL^^
actually,,thats not my new me,,its my original me,,,,GIRL THAT LOVES TALKING NONSENSE??
ahahahaaa,,,,but sometimes im just mention that some people look me so annoying,,,
uhmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,,,,should i be my 1st sem of me??errkkk,,,miserable!!*stop thinking!*
ahhhh~~just hope i'll get more confident n happy with myself!!!!
one thing!! lately, i just mentions that my tempered r slowly shown,,,
kyyaaa!!!andwae!!i should be more careful control my tempered,,,haiisshh,,my tempered is my biggest history,,nobody here cn know it,,,,,,,,,,,i should be more careful~~ok??ahahhaha^^
lastly!!! i just wanna be MORE lovely,,MORE lively,,MORE cute,,n MOREMOREMORE!!!
                                                                                                           love : weirdo-ssi