Wednesday, 11 January 2012

11 january 2012 - im 19

just clebrate ma bday,,,this year just ok~
thnks to ma friends then,,me??ima not too interest to clebrate ma bday like others,,
just spend money n buy a gift for maself~yupp!!ima irregular~
2 days b4 bday,,went out wth high school mate,,SYILOH BABA NADYA,,went to sunway~~~~~~
first plan is to da wetworld,,wht ta fck is, its renovate for 2 weeks,,,spoil~
da la kuar2 uh ak ta mandy~~bajetnyer, wtpe nk mandy, kn nk maen air gak,,hum3~tgok tut0p!!
then used the scond plan,,sunway for ice skating,,another fck thin' is i'd injured my elbow,,
huuuh,,its really really really fucking SAKETT!!!
forget it!! a day b4,,went out wth my classmates SHERA DAYAH.AR. PAPAN,,
went to s.alam for lunch,,,then ima kinda burst of laugh wht tht girl,,ahhahahhahahhahahha,,,
u so lame lahhhh~~ *u know which girl i mean* shes so malaysia n,,thts not suit her well,,
ohoooo,,sdap ak kutok~ ak pom sme gak kott,,but ima not malaysia style lahh!!
bhahahhahahhahahhaaaa,,,,,nothin' to say lah,,actually ima not hate but dislike!!ahahha~
shera spent almost 100 for lunch,,i think,,if tht girl not join,,it will not be this much,,
hello~~i hate a person who only accept but not give back,, bkan ak ta eclass,,tp agak lah kan,,bnyak uh dwit kne kuarkan,,,,ak pom da kne,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ari uh ckap pinjam,,tp ta bg blek,,never mind~ halal dh^^
then at night,,a 'surprised' i think,,ahahhahah,,my mood kinda unhappy cos of tht girl,,,
aauuuuhhhh,,why ma bday is wth tht kind of girl,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
am i happy wth ma bday?? no feeling but kinda uhappy but grateful,,,
gratefull to ma friends for da clebration but ima not a person who clebrate bday wth others,, i just clebrate it wth maself,,gives more loves to maself,,so, when they try to clebrate it,,ima kinda uhappy bcos ma time wth ma beloved self is disturb,,didnt mind if it 2 days or a day before,,but when it already 11 january 00:01 am,,just leave me alone wth maself,,,,,,,,,,,,~ just assume they dnt know,,who knows me?? nobody,,only me n maself~ aahhhhhhhh,,,i loves maself to0 much~
ahhhhaaaahhh,,one more thin'!! i cnt found ma HAEBARARKII!!
just wish someone gives me as a gift,,,~
wht i bought fo maself
#infinite n shinee 2012 calendar
*too much i think~=.=' who cares!!
ohoooo,,i talk too much today,,maybe its long time ima not post here,,,
too many stories to spilt out,,ahhahahhahahhahh,,,
me is me,,me is weirdo,,

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