Tuesday, 2 August 2011


uuhhhmmm,,,scond day pose~
just like usual,,nothin' more nothin' less,,,
but my plan x berjalan lar~~
ok,,i'll try tmorow~~
uuhhm,,,mybe not,,day after tmorrow???
ok!!day after tmorrow!!!
just oat + soybean!!!
fiber litchin??gosshh,,,
lme da x mkan,,
cm x effect papew pom~~
watever it is,,
i'll start da day after tmorrow~~
will telll u so0n perkmbangan dye,,kekeke
going to sleep now,,,,
want to wke up early to stdy chmstry!!
this week chmstry n maths,,
next week full physics!!
okie~~got to go,,,
n sorry~i dont hve a mood to change da colour yo mke it more INTRESTING!!
im to LAZY!!!

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