Sunday, 10 April 2011

introduce to lollita~

as u all know,,ima lollita's addicted~ nk bli,,xmampu la,,
lgpom bkan kuh pkae pom,,but one day there will be one set of lollita in my room~
i want it!!!!what??dont know what is lollita??
aigoo,,uuhhmm,,lollita is a dress,,,uhhmm,,i mean maid dress,,
its kinda cute!!especially y gothic lollita,,waaaa,,,i love it!!
here some pic of lollita,,uuhhmm,,gothic lollita,,emo punk lollita,,n,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
this one im not really like,,but i still post here,,hope u like that,,,
but,,i hate that DAMN much lorh!!next time will tell u how to dress like a lollita~


1 comment:

  1. sape yg x tau sal Lollita,, memang old school la~!!! love Lollita~!!!! hak3~harap ak ni kering je,,~